Whether you’re looking to sell your business or to get some pointers as for what direction shall you head towards, getting a business valuation is a great idea. And you know what is better than that? Getting it for free. For that very purpose we have our Value Builder System for you to utilize. 

To give you a small insight of what to expect, let’s just say there are many things to take into account if you plan of selling your business. Such would be: 

  • Are YOU the engine that keeps the company going? How would things change if you were gone for a week? Would the business take a hit or would it be unaffected? 
  • What do you depend on? Or rather – who? Is it a superstar team member or a very important customer that keep you afloat? 
  • If the business goes into someone else’s hands, will the customers continue buying from it? 

Whatever your objective is, be it actually selling the business or to get pointers as what should the growth focus areas be, business assessment will highlight what drives the company value up and what drags it down. Such insights outline the course of actions to be taken and that’s precisely where the Value Builder and the score if provides comes to your aid. The system itself works in a way it recognizes all the potential things that undermine your business, and trust us, often you have no idea it is even there. The algorithm of this business valuation tool has been developed using quantitative research on successful business owners, alongside professionals that specialize in acquisition and mergers.  

We also know how little time business owners have. With that in mind, the Value Builder Score questionnaire will take you a total of 13 minutes and provide the result immediately. Yes, 13 minutes is all that’s needed for a business valuation! Don’t believe us? Give it a shot.  

The report won’t just give you a score: it will give you all the details, covering areas that are bringing you the most success and ones that are potentially devaluing your business. There is a total of 8 factors this business assessment system is built on and you will get a suggestion on opportunities covering each of them. 

So, what is next? If you need more assistance as for what next steps should you take with the newly acquired knowledge, we will arrange a 1 on 1 consultation with you. Don’t worry if you’re not a big business either; this business valuation model is designed for businesses at all stages and of all kinds.  

From our personal experience we can tell that usually the businesses that score over 80 on a business assessment via the Value Builder have about 71% higher chance of receiving an offer. Coincidence? We think not. Our skilled business coaches are well trained on all 8 factors and if the insights provided have been too daunting, we are here and we are happy to help.