If you have ever tried to get any business coaching, you already know that every course speaks about importance of reflection. Today we will explain why is it such an important thing not just for your business, but also you as an individual. 

Do you ever get a feeling that you’re running in circles? That no matter what you do, you’re not moving forward and you seem to be repeating the same mistakes? Don’t worry, we have all been there. Possibly this is the very reason you’re researching business coaching right now, landing on this article.  

Basically, to analyze what is holding you back, you need to reflect on it. There have been many studies of benefits of reflection. For example, it’s proven it took employees to increase their productivity by 23% in 10 days alone by simply adding 15 minutes reflection session to their schedules.

Additionally, the commuters that used their travel time reflecting and planning their day rather than entertaining themselves in other ways have a bigger rate of being less burnt out and overall happier. Reflect on that. 

Actually, reflect on it. Get yourself a time slot when you can do that regularly, undisturbed. It can be first thing in the morning, or what you do before going to sleep. If you have a lengthy commute, put the phone away and reflect instead. Even a lunch break will do. 

You probably have a question brewing up by now – what do I reflect on?
Don’t worry, we have your back. 


  • Reflect on good things 

Positivity takes you places. Think back about your success and little things that contribute towards reaching your goals. Acknowledge them, be grateful for them, no matter how little they are. Business coaching always focuses on reaching goals and thus it important you study the ones you have reached. Reflecting will let you see the patterns of your success, allowing you to replicate it. 

There is no coincidence in success, no miracle. You have reached it yourself and now you need to know how you’ve done that. If you’ve made it happen, you want to make it happen again. 

  • Reflect on bad things 

It’s impossible for everything to go great all the time and this is fine. No one is perfect and not every day is filled with sunshine. If something has not been going to great in either personal, professional or business life, you want to dig into it. Analyze what was your role in a buildup to misfortune and point out the mistakes.

Acknowledge the flaws and action on them. Problems and mistakes are a learning opportunity you don’t want to miss. Dwelling on bad things is never pleasant, but you want to learn from them instead of forgetting they ever happened.  

  • Reflect on your feelings 

All you may care about is your business, and most of business couching courses often forget that at the end of the day every business has a person behind it. You are that person. You need to reflect on your feelings, what causes them and how do they affect your life. 

If you keep pushing yourself and don’t stop to reflect on how you’re feeling, you’re endangering yourself to forget why are you doing what you’re doing. Or worse – you will burn out. Give yourself as much attention as you give your business. 

  • Reflect on your thought process and attitude  

Here’s a hard pill to swallow: the way you feel depends solely on you. The world provides many different circumstances, some less favorable than others, but how you feel about them depends on you. Your interpretation of the situation is what influences your feelings. 

Reflect on the way you think and how do you paint certain situations in your head versus what they truly are. This will let you quickly access the facts rather than the meaning or the story your mind came up with. 

Overall, reflection comes in many forms. Gratitude, planning, analyzing – all of these are reflecting. In it essence it is looking back and spotting patterns, later learning from them and acting based on things you’ve learned. This is how we grow and develop.