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Our Conversational Intelligence  Services Matrix(C-IQ)

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Our C-IQ is the hardwired, and learnable ability, to connect, navigate and grow with others -a necessity in building healthier and more resilient organisation in the face of overwhelming complexity, unprecedented change and tremendous competition. C-IQ operates on three levels as show below . It begins with trust and ends with transformation for relationship and business .

The facts are that we are in conversations every day but research shows that 9-10 conversations miss the mark. Sometimes people may say to you, ” I don’t have the time for deep conversations- they take too long.” With C-IQ we will find that conversations are easier to have, even when conversations are difficult conversations.

Our C-IQ is a tool can be of great use to you if you need to deal with:

– Teams experiencing toxic behaviors and that are struggling to make the right impact required internally and externally;

– Creating an innovation culture

-Creating the right behaviours that you  need for growth based on your  purpose, values and mission.

– Sales teams not performing

– Board alignment; getting board members to work with each other to solve a bigger problem.

If you would like to find out more about how our conversational intelligence service  can help you and your team for improved effectiveness and increase performance contact your certified C-IQ Coach Vernon.Email use the links below to book a free taster session.

Level One Transactional Exchange Information


Define What I know
Confirm what I know.
Validating your own
point of view

Level Two Positional ExchangePower

Explore what I/WE know
Persuading & influencing
others to agree with your
point of view. Opportunity
to seek win-win solutions

Level Three TransformationalExchange Energy

Discover what we don’t know
Hold the space to explore
uncharted territory. Asking
questions for which we have no
answers & listen to connect


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