The answer to this question is simple: what customers want is a product or service. It’s inherent in the very nature of the definition of “customer”—“one that purchases a commodity or service.” So it’s a perfect set-up, right? You have a product, so you must have customers. No? You say you don’t have customers? Well, maybe what customers want is more than just a product or service. In addition to these, what customers want is effective customer service skills.

When it comes to customer service, show genuine appreciation toward the people who pay your salary. Go the extra mile to learn their name and listen to them. Take their concerns to heart. Treat customers like a friend, or at least a very good acquaintance.

Above all, what customers want is to interact with someone who is genuine, professional, real, informed, and not only looking out for their best interests. Customers really do matter to the success of your company, so treat them right. Don’t gloss over their requests or insult their intelligence—after all, you should be more knowledgeable than them when it comes to your product or service. Choose the words you use wisely: customers in a hotel or restaurant, for example, are “guests,” whereas customers in a retail store are “business partners” and should be treated as such. What customers want is a product, not a pitch. They understand that you’re human, too, and if you treat them with respect, they’ll understand occasional imperfections. Just be real with them. Be humble and gracious with them, and you’ll ultimately provide customers with what they want.

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